Both-And? What does that mean?

  • Everyone’s voices, needs, participation matters – both yours and theirs.
  • Both the individual and the group/family/organization matter – both the I and the We.
  • Any individual, couple, working group, or institution can move effectively through discomfort, conflict, pain or confusion towards their goals with clarity of shared purpose and intention for connection.
  • Our work and joy at Both-And Consulting is supporting you in that journey.

Here is what we do:

  • We help your organization restructure in ways that are both egalitarian and effective.
  • We teach you and/or your organization facilitation, communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Specifically, we teach you and/or your organization Sociocracy, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and Restorative Circles.
  • We present workshops, facilitate meetings, coach with individuals or consult with organizations.

Our favorite approaches:

Sociocracy: Because Sociocracy, unlike majority rule democracy with its winners and losers, offers everyone an equal say in governance.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Because NVC supports a quality of communication that acknowledges that everyone’s needs matter.

Restorative Circles: Because Restorative Circles helps communities face conflicts in a way that respects all participants and creates the context for healing.

Why these three practices? Because all three value all human beings equally, and by doing so, increase effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency in all our interactions and organization.

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