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Both-And Consulting/Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Serving the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts, New England and the World.

How can you as individual or a couple learn what I teach?

  • Come to one of the introductions, workshops or seminars that I offer to the general public from time to time
  • Connect with me in person or by phone for individual coaching

How can your organization learn what I teach?

Invite me to offer:

  • 2-3 hour introduction
  • a 2-3 day participatory workshop
  • a  6 to 12 session seminars
  • a training and consultation in support of full-fledged implementation in your new or existing organization

I look forward to sharing with you what has been so meaningful to me.

I offer training, workshops and one-on-one in non-violent communication, and I offer Restorative Circles.


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